Sports Injuries in Adolescents

High School Sports Injuries

Sports-related spine injuries are very common in young adults. The more physical the sport, the greater the injuries. All athletes, especially girls, remain at risk for head, neck and spine injury, and concussion remains at epidemic proportions at high school, university, and professional levels. All head injuries also cause neck injuries, which must be treated with specialized chiropractic care.

Proper biomechanics and body alignment are essential to optimum athletic performance. Sports injuries can seriously disrupt body alignment and can lead to future health problems if not treated properly. If your child is playing high school sports, then your child is in need of proper care and maintenance for head and neck injuries that distort their entire spinal and body alignment.

The NUCCA UPPER CERVICAL treatment is specialized chiropractic care for head and neck misalignments. It entails a 3-dimensional x-Ray evaluation of the cervical spine. After examination and x-Ray evaluation, a gentle, scientific adjustment is given to align the spine and maintain body balance so that healing occurs. Call for a consultation, evaluation and treatment to help avoid more serious complications.

Steven N MacDonald,D.C.